18th century glass

18th Century Ceremonial Goblets

Wheel engraved, diamond line and diamond stipple engraved 18th century ceremonial goblets. A small choice from our large collection.

To your good health

David Wolff

De Vrouwe Johanna Margaritha

Tower of Tazza's and jelly's

Jacob Sang, Anna van Hannover


Window pane by Scholting

by willem otto robart

Het Welvaren van den Alblasser-Waard


Patriae et Patribus

To a good love life

Mirror with ships at sea

Friendship glass: 'Amicitiae'

Marriagial glass 'Concordia'

Adrianus Hoevenaar, fecit 1796

Four professions

vivat oranje en pruisen

Attributed to Jacob Sang

Engraved by Jacob Sang

The fattening

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