18th century glass

18th Century Ceremonial Goblets

Wheel engraved, diamond line and diamond stipple engraved 18th century ceremonial goblets. A small choice from our large collection.

by willem otto robart

Jacob Sang, Anna van Hannover

Window pane by Scholting

De Vrouwe Johanna Margaritha

Het Welvaren van den Alblasser-Waard

David Wolff

Tower of Tazza's and jelly's


To your good health


Patriae et Patribus

To a good love life

Mirror with ships at sea

Friendship glass: 'Amicitiae'

Marriagial glass 'Concordia'

Adrianus Hoevenaar, fecit 1796

Four professions

vivat oranje en pruisen

Attributed to Jacob Sang

Engraved by Jacob Sang

The fattening

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