18th century glass

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Window pane by Scholting

Pane with calligraphy in diamond line engraving signed by Hendrik Scholting.

On the pane an inscription in diamond line engraving:

Door GOD ende
Orange Stam is dat ons land
In vreijheijd kwam.
Anno 1773
Hendrik Scholting.
(Because of God and the / House of Orange it is that our country / became free / Anno 1773 / Hendrik Scholting.)

Probably the inscription and the year ‘1773’ refer to the 125th anniversary of the Peace of Münster. A very important peace treaty for the Netherlands; it meant the end of the 80-years war with Spain. The treaty dates from the year 1648. 

This pane is one of two signed by Scholting that are not held in Museum collections. Two signed panes belong to the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam (one of them is lost) and four are kept in Museum Mr Simon van Gijn in Dordrecht.

18th century glass

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