Roman Glass 100 BC - 400 AD

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Applied rim-disk, handle and foot
Marvered and unmarvered threads applied
Eastern Mediterranean
Late 6th – 5th century BC
Height: 9 cm, Ø 5 cm, weight: 62 g
Grose Class I:B; Oinochoe Form I:2
(Grose 1989, p. 130)
Provenance: Gallery Khepri (Lou van Rijn),
Amsterdam, about mid 1970s

Oinochoe of translucent cobalt-blue ground with opaque yellow and opaque turquoise-blue decoration.
Broad trefoil rim-disk on a short neck, short tapering to shoulder. Ovoid body on an out splayed foot with very slightly concave underside. An opaque blue strap handle applied on the shoulder, drawn up, arches well above the rim-disk where it is attached. An unmarvered opaque yellow thread attached at the edge of the trefoil rim-disk. A second opaque yellow marvered thread begins on the shoulder and is wound spirally, at first four and a half times in horizontal lines, then looped into a close-set zigzag pattern of two lines to almost the middle of the body, where one line of an opaque marvered turquoise-blue thread is added. Under this a spiral of three yellow horizontal lines. An opaque yellow thread is wound and partly marvered around the edge of the foot.

Roman Glass 100 BC - 400 AD

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