Roman Glass 100 BC - 400 AD

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Body mould-blown in a conical mould. Neck and
mouth free blown. Handle applied
Said to be found in Cologne
Late 1st - 2nd century AD
Height: 21.5 cm, Ø 9.1 cm, weight: 342 g
Isings 1957, form 51b
Areas of slight encrustation
Provenance: Luc Decruyenaere Brussels, 2011,
Ex private Collection Paris

Jug of transparent pale sea-green glass. Cylindrical
body and short cylindrical neck with everted inwardly
folded rim and sloping shoulder with rounded edge.
Wall tapers slightly and curves in at base. Base plain,
slightly concave on underside, no pontil mark. Strap
handle with three ribs, applied onto edge of shoulder,
drawn up and in, and attached immediately below rim,
with excess glass pulled down neck. The body has five
horizontal wheel-cut bands of different lines.

Roman Glass 100 BC - 400 AD

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