Roman Glass 100 BC - 400 AD

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Islamic Decanter with two handles

Transparent colourless and purple glass
Twelfth century
Height: 17 cm, 0 opening: 4.7 cm, 0 foot: 5.7 cm 

Hemispherical body with flattened shoulder with
cylindrical neck and conical opening. A horizontal glass thread at the point where the neck
becomes the opening. Two round handles start
opposite one another at the shoulder, before
being drawn towards the horizontal thread where
they are attached and folded upward. Hollow
tubular base ring, folded from the same bubble
as the body. Slightly kicked-in base. Pontil mark.
The iridescence of the glass almost hides the
transparent, slightly purple colour of the body of
the glass. The handles are made of dark purple

Roman Glass 100 BC - 400 AD

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